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REPORT: Luke Walton given a chance to stay as Lakers head coach in meeting with Jeanie Buss

Luke Walton, Jeanie Buss, Lakers

Before Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers mutually parted ways, the coach was reportedly given a chance to stay with the team in his meeting with the organization’s controlling owner and president Jeanie Buss.

Per Sam Amick of The Athletic, sources revealed that a meeting was held between Walton and Buss after the surprise resignation of Magic Johnson as president of basketball operations. Given that Walton had concerns about Rob Pelinka — who was going to be the sole man in charge after Johnson’s departure — the coach opted to exit instead.

After former Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson stepped down in such stunning fashion on April 9, sources say Walton was given the chance to stay on as head coach in a subsequent meeting that included owner Jeanie Buss. But Walton, who was already aware that Buss had given Johnson the full authority to fire him and who had long harbored concerns about general manager Rob Pelinka’s style, was ready to head for the exits himself.

In addition, there was even thought of Luke Walton staying with the Lakers in another capacity in the foreseeable future. Now, it seems that the franchise and Walton have fully moved on from each other.

Just a few days later his exit from the Lakers, walton was named the new head coach of the Sacramento Kings.