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VIDEO: Lakers’ JaVale McGee reacts to bus driver telling him about her son’s nether region tattoo


Los Angeles Lakers big man JaVale McGee has been busy with his bubble-inspired vlog of late, with the 32-year-old posting daily videos on his YouTube channel about his experiences inside the Disney World bubble. One of the best bits on Day 4 of his “Life in the Bubble” series came when a bus driver randomly shared a rather inappropriate bit of information regarding the driver’s son’s tattoo in his nether region.

Here’s the full 13-minute video from McGee, which has the hilarious highlight at around the six-minute mark:

JaVale McGee’s content is pretty interesting and fun to watch as it provides the audience with an in-depth look at what’s really going on inside the bubble. It presents the everyday activities from the players’ perspective, and to be honest, McGee’s commentary is not bad at all.

Nevertheless, it’s the random, unexpected moments such as the pubes tattoo bit that takes this series to another level. There’s no way McGee could have scripted that exchange and his reaction to the story are pretty epic. McGee is an outspoken guy, but he was pretty much left speechless after that weird anecdote.

What makes it even more amazing is how the conversation got from point A to point B. McGee and the bus driver literally had just a few seconds to engage in a random conversation, and how the driver was able to share such a personal piece of information about her son in such a short span of time is mind-boggling. In the first place, how did she even know that his son — who we’re assuming is a grown adult — had a tattoo in his nether region?