Lakers video: LeBron James' dog leaves a filthy surprise at home during Warriors game
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LeBron James’ dog leaves a filthy surprise at home during Lakers-Warriors game

LeBron James, Lakers

While the Golden State Warriors were manhandling the Los Angles Lakers as LeBron James sat on the bench, his family and their dog were having some fun back at the crib.

James’ wife Savannah shared Instagram stories of their kids fooling around the house. Their dog, too, was part of the mini-festivities. His son even held up the mic to it. But towards the end of the video, the dog unleashed a filthy surprise which cracked up the whole James family.

It would be interesting to find out what the four-time MVP’s reaction is. It’s been well-documented how LeBron James loves his family as much as he loves playing ball. Hopefully, though, by the time that he arrives back home, his family has already cleaned up the mess.

Recently, the Lakers announced that they’ll shut down their franchise player for the rest of the season. After all, the last few games don’t mean anything. Besides, LeBron James is their prized asset. Playing him in games with no bearing would be foolish.

Lakers fans can relax — at least for the meantime. After the playoffs, expect the Magic Johnson and the Lakers front office to make some big moves to recalibrate their roster. Will they arrange some trade packages? Will they sign an elite player who can effectively co-exist with James? Will the Lakers’ young core be sent away? No one knows for certain. Time will only tell.