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Video: LeBron James’ son is getting the hang of dunking

lebron james

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James’ son, affectionately known as Bronny, seems to be getting the hang of what dunking is all about after throwing down his very first dunk two weeks ago during an exhibition game.

The 13-year-old recently enrolled in eighth grade at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences and is already bringing the heat for his new teammates and classmates, showing off his newly-learned skill.

Bronny stands at a mere 5-foot-10, but he’s already showing the hops that made his father such a skywalking legend during the first few years of his career, still providing the occasional thunderous dunk from game to game.

Junior is still expected to hit a growth spurt, which should sprout a more defined basketball frame, as well as a bigger wingspan that will allow him to throw these down with regularity and ease.

For now, these self-thrown bounce alley-oops will have to do.