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Lamar Jackson’s 4-word reaction to photoshopped photo of him with soda, popcorn at Ravens press conference

Ravens, Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson recently held a press conference where he announced that he is done talking about his Baltimore Ravens contract. However, a photoshopped image emerged from the press conference as well. Jackson shared a hilarious response to the photoshopped image on Twitter.

“Boy been eating good,” Lamar Jackson wrote.

The image tacked on a bit of weight to his frame and had him holding a bag of popcorn while drinking soda. There were some people who believed the image was real. But all Jackson could do was laugh about the picture.

Lamar Jackson stated during the interview that he was not going to discuss his Ravens contract anymore. His on-going contract extension discussions with Baltimore dominated headlines during the offseason. Many people around the NFL world believe that this could be Jackson’s final season in a Ravens uniform as a result of the two sides’ inability to agree on a deal.

Naturally, most of the questions thrown Jackson’s away have revolved around the situation. He spent most of his offseason fielding extension-related questions. But with the regular season underway, Lamar Jackson is moving on and focusing purely on football.

And that strategy has worked out well so far. The Ravens star QB fired 3 touchdown passes in Baltimore’s Week 1 victory over the New York Jets. Jackson may be in line for a special year if he can stay on the field. Injuries have hampered his overall production over the past two seasons, but he’s one of the best QBs in the league when healthy.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will look to improve to 2-0 this weekend against the Miami Dolphins.