Earlier this morning, it was announced that the Indiana Pacers would not retain Frank Vogel as their head coach moving forward.

While the decision is still very fresh, some fans and members of the media are starting to speculate on who president Larry Bird will bring in to fill the position.

Immediately, one high-profile candidate on the open market came to mind: Bird's former Boston Celtics teammate, Kevin McHale.

So, will Bird entertain the idea of McHale coaching his team?

Kevin McHale
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

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Apparently not, but it's for a unique reason.

“I would not do that to Kevin, have him work for me,” Bird said in this morning's news conference. “I respect the man too much, we've been through too many battles together to bring him in here. I'd love for him to my coach, but it ain't gonna happen because (of) our relationship.”

Even though Bird denies that McHale will be considered for Indiana's coaching vacancy, he still is one of best guys out there for the job. Sacrificing their personal relationship to make it happen appears to be out of the question though.

Now, Vogel joins McHale as one of the most qualified and intelligent head coaches available for teams still on the prowl. Some have already speculated that Vogel will become a top priority for McHale's former employer, the Houston Rockets.