Reality TV star Larsa Pippen has recently stated that she is willing to change her last name to Jordan if she marries her boyfriend Marcus Jordan. The couple's relationship has garnered attention due to their significant age gap of 16 years, as well as Marcus's famous father, NBA legend Michael Jordan.

During the second part of The Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Larsa addressed the possibility of changing her last name if she were to tie the knot with Marcus. She expressed her willingness to embrace whatever the future holds for her and Marcus, including taking on his last name. Larsa also indicated that she is more comfortable discussing her relationship with Marcus rather than delving into any details about his father or his family.

“I would definitely change my last name for whomever I married, that's for sure,” Larsa said.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus's relationship has raised eyebrows, with some people questioning the unusual dynamic caused by their age difference and Marcus's famous family. Larsa explained that she only met Marcus a few years ago and had never met his father, Michael Jordan, or his family before, according to People. She also revealed that she was with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, during the last year that Michael Jordan played with the Chicago Bulls, so their families were never intertwined.

Larsa's statement about changing her last name to Jordan shows her commitment to her relationship with Marcus. The couple has been dating for some time, and this news may signal that they are considering taking their relationship to the next level. Regardless of the public's opinions, Larsa seems determined to follow her heart and embrace whatever the future holds for her and Marcus.