As if one wasn’t enough, Elden Ring aficionado Let Me Solo Her is now doing runs of the game but with all enemies replaced with Malenia.

Let Me Solo Her, the famed Elden Ring player who has risen into prominence in the Elden Ring community for helping players beat the difficult boss Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, is up for his next challenge. As if one wasn’t enough, Let Me Solo Her has used a mod to turn every enemy in Elden Ring into Malenia, making all fights in the game as challenging as the one in the boss room.

That means all of the bosses and all of the mob enemies have been turned into the difficult-to-beat boss, even those that come at you together all at once in the open fields. There have been a couple of bugs with the mod that failed to turn some enemies into Malenia, but for the most part, it’s all Malenia.

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So, how did he fare? In his first video, he managed to beat the Rennala that has turned into Malenia (which means you have to beat Malenia twice across two phases, after which Malenia turns back to Rennala), and in his latest one at the time of publication, he aready managed to beat the Draconic Knight Sentinel that has turned into a Draconic Malenia.

Not bad so far, and Let Me Solo Her is continuing his journey and sharing his jouney via live stream. His next target is General Rahdan and the actual Malenia, while also helping Alexander and getting the Jar Head.

Prior to this, Let Me Solo Her was recognized both by the community as well as by Bandai Namco themselves for his feats, sending him a very special gift for his troubles and services to the wider Elden Ring community. He has since been immortalized with countless tributes and memes recognizing his extreme dedication and playing skill.