Perhaps expectedly, players have found ways to troll their teammates in Overwatch 2 with Lifeweaver, mainly by using the Life Grip ability.

Yesterday’s trailer showed us a glimpse of Lifeweaver’s abilities, introducing us to his game-changing abilities. This includes creating platforms that go up like an elevator, a tree that heals allies and blocks bullets, and a passive that makes him drop healing upon death. However, the most talked about, and perhaps the most controversial of his skills is his Life Grip Ability. When used on an ally, Lifeweaver pulls said ally to his position while shielding them from all damage. Supposedly, this ability will allow Lifeweaver players to pull their allies to safety, be it from a bad push or from falling to their death after a Lucio alt-fire, Doomfist punch, and more. However, as expected, players have found ways to troll their teammates using this ability.


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In a one-minute Tiktok uploaded by user @overwatch_two, we can see a compilation of clips showing Lifeweaver players using their Life Grip ability, as well as their Petal Platform and Rejuvenating Dash, to pull their allies over the edge in maps like Lijang Tower, into holes like the Well in Ilios, into the water in Rialto, or into oncoming traffic in Oasis. The kill feed doesn’t show Lifeweaver as the cause of the deaths, instead making it appear as if they jumped to their deaths. The common technique seems to revolve around the player using their Petal Platform to gain some height, jumping off as they pull someone with their Life Grip, then using Rejuvenating Dash to get to safety. While this may seem like fun the first few times, especially when done with friends, this can quickly devolve into serious throws in public and ranked games.

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Thankfully, this might not be the case anymore once Lifeweaver arrives in Season 4. In an interview with Dexerto, Overwatch 2 developer Kenny Hudson talked about Lifeweaver’s Life Grip. He explained that they are implementing safeguards and controls to prevent trolling.

In terms of trolling, we have some controls over where Life Grip can be cast from and it’s doing some detection to make sure you’re not doing something really bad like dragging someone to their death or something like that

They also explained that movement abilities like Tracer’s Blink, Moira’s Fade, or Kiriko’s Swift Step can cancel the effects of Life Grip. While not shown in the video, another part of Lifeweaver’s kit that could potentially troll allies is his passive. Parting Gift makes him drop a healing item upon death, which allies or enemies can pick up. To prevent Lifeweavers from intentionally dying to give HP to enemies, Parting Gift will provide more healing to allies than enemies.

While this is all good on paper, hopefully, the controls and safeguards the developers are putting into the game will work well. Lifeweaver has a lot of potentials when it comes to playmaking, as a well-timed Life Grip or Tree of Life can turn the tides of a team fight. We’ll just have to wait for his release to see if the number of trolls will decrease or increase.

That’s all the information we have about the players using Lifeweaver’s abilities to troll their teammates in Overwatch 2. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.