After a tough Game 7 loss for the Oklahoma City Thunder, there has been speculation on what superstar Kevin Durant will do this summer in free agency. Many teams would be happy to have him join their scheme, but rapper Lil B knows that no good can come from bringing Durant along to any team.

In case you never heard, Lil B challenged Kevin Durant to a 1-0n-1 game of 21 back in 2011. Because Durant was busy with the regular season, he had his personnel team deal with Lil B's persistence, letting him know that their minor beef wasn't significant enough to Durant. This was when Lil B claimed that the Based God said Kevin Durant's curse began.

Ever since then, Durant has never been able to secure an NBA championship title, and Lil B believes it is because of the curse.

“I mean, the numbers don't lie. That's what I think,” said Lil B in an interview with SB Nation. “Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. When you say something's going to happen and it happens, some people can call it luck but how many lucky times can you have. You know, so the proof's in the pudding.”

The numbers certainly didn't lie this postseason. In the 2016 playoffs, Durant had his second lowest performances in field goal percentage (.430) and 2-point field goal percentages (.485). Additionally, this postseason he had his lowest 3-point field goals per game since his rookie year (1.7) as well as his lowest 3-point field goal percentage (.282).

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Despite these numbers, many people still know he is a true powerhouse for the Thunder. To watch him go would be a shame, even though Lil B truly thinks his curse is bringing down the team.

“You know, really, it was a message from the Based God, just wanted everyone to know the Warriors would be winning,” continued Lil B. “And that was before anything, before going down 3-1 or anything, when the series was 0-0. I already predicted it, just relaying the information from the Based God.”

If any other team honestly believes this curse poses a true potential hindrance to their team, Durant may have a more difficult time finding the team he wants. It probably won't be an issue.

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