Lil Tay, the controversial child rapper who garnered widespread attention for her audacious antics on social media, has made an unexpected return to the spotlight with a new music video titled “SUCKER 4 GREEN.” This comeback comes after Lil Tay had to debunk false allegations of her death, proving that she's still very much a force to be reckoned with.

The music video, released to her eager fan base, showcases a more mature and evolved Lil Tay. The 16-year-old artist appears to have changed her appearance  since the last time we saw her. Considering that it had years since since she left social media, you could say that her style has changed almost entirely.

In “SUCKER 4 GREEN,” Lil Tay delivers a catchy track with a distinctive blend of hip-hop and pop influences. The song's lyrics touch on material wealth that the child-star has been known to cater to.

The comeback is particularly notable given the false information that circulated about Lil Tay's alleged death earlier this year. The young artist had to use her social media platforms to set the record straight, assuring fans that she was alive and well.

Lil Tay's return to the music scene signals a new chapter in her career, one that focuses on her artistic talents and growth as a performer. While her past antics may have generated controversy, her music is now taking center stage, and it remains to be seen how her evolving style will be received by both longtime fans and new listeners.