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Brian Kelly hilariously trolls himself after being late to LSU press conference

LSU, Brian Kelly

LSU football head coach Brian Kelly hilariously trolled himself during a recent press conference. Kelly, who was late to the press conference, brought a $10 dollar bill with him and showed it to the media. He said “there is my ten dollars” as a fee for being tardy. He shared the video to his Twitter account with a caption media members will love.

“Had to pay my debts today. $10 toward our postseason media party.”

LSU is 1-1 in Brian Kelly’s first season with the team. He previously called out media members for being late to a press conference. After suffering a brutal 24-23 loss against Florida State, one of the media members clapped back at him by saying they would come on time if he won. Upon the media’s late arrival, Kelly joked that they owed 10 dollars.

But Brian Kelly was a good sport and poked fun at himself in this latest press conference. Showing off a strong sense of humor is a good way to endear yourself to a new fan base. LSU has lofty aspirations for the season and needs a reason to trust Kelly. He emerged as a reliable coach at Notre Dame, but the jury is still out at LSU.

Brian Kelly will continue attempting to win over LSU fans while aiming to lead the team to a successful season. They will be tested in their upcoming matchup against the 2-0 Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Bulldogs enter as narrow favorites on the road. But LSU will have a decent chance of upsetting the odds at home.