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Magic’s Aaron Gordon says the perfect player would be a combination of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird

Aaron Gordon, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird

Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon recently conducted his own basketball camp, only weeks before the start of training camp. But the newly signed franchise player could not avoid some of his campers’ curiosity, asking him for his favorite player.

Answering didn’t keep him from imagining his ideal create-a-player, rolling three of his idols into one — the perfect prototype of a flawless NBA talent.

“They’re always trying to get me to say something that’s not politically correct,” joked Gordon, according to David Baumann of 96.9 The Game. “Yeah, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. I think if you could roll those three players into one you’d have the perfect player.”

Gordon, unlike many players from his generation, grew up idolizing the best of the ’80s era, times when Jordan, Johnson, and Bird dominated for their respective teams in a battle for the title of best player in the league.

Bird established himself as the NBA’s best shooter, thanks to his silky-smooth jumper and a blinding quick release that made him one of the deadliest men with the ball in his hands.

Magic was the prodigy with never-before-seen passing ability, gifted with incredible vision and a flair for playmaking — skills that rivaled Bird’s talent for scoring.

Then came Jordan, the ultimate scoring assassin, who eventually developed into the NBA’s best defensive hound, thanks to his athleticism and a maniacal desire to win at all times.

Rolling those three players into one would surely make the perfect player, though it will likely take a while more before it personifies during a future NBA Draft.