Stan Van Gundy just suffered a big loss that was bigger than basketball. The former NBA head coach had to deal with the unfortunate and sudden passing of his wife, Kimberly Van Gundy. A lot of people in the world of sportscasting and individuals within the association have expressed their condolences. But, nothing beats the special bond that Stan had with his 2000s Orlando Magic team. All of them came together like Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson to help Van Gundy in his bereavement.

The loss of a special person in one's life stings like no other type of pain. It will only take special people to aid someone in their journey full of grief. This is exactly what Stan Van Gundy's workmates did to help him after Kimberly Van Gundy passed. Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson among others were the individuals that immediately came to the former Magic coach's side when he needed them the most.

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Kimberly's unexpected death was announced by her sister Catherine on the 16th of August. Most NBA fans felt a lot of sympathy for Stan as he survived his wife along with her children. The two had been with each other since 1984. They officially got married in 1988 and have been enjoying a fruitful life as a couple for 35 years. The cause of his wife's death still remains in wraps but that did not matter for the NBA community. It is good for Stan to be in the presence of loved ones while in a state of grief.