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Magic’s Robin Lopez wins Media Day with epic line trolling Brook Lopez, Bucks, anti-vaxxers

Robin Lopez, Brook Lopez, Magic, Bucks, anti-vaxxers

Orlando Magic center Robin Lopez is quite the jokester, and he was at it again during Monday’s Magic Media Day. RoLo loves trading banter with his twin brother, Brook Lopez, and the veteran big man was able to troll Brook, the Milwaukee Bucks and anti-vaxxers all in one epic line.

Check it out:

Robin Lopez’s “do his own research” line is a reference to the common phrase many anti-vaxxers use when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as other vaccines and other things like that being pushed by experts/government. The running joke is that “doing your own research” basically just means watching YouTube videos or reading Facebook comments that confirm preexisting beliefs. Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug.

While the majority of the NBA is vaccinated, a few high-profile players have been very outspoken against the COVID-19 vaccine. Bradley Beal and Andrew Wiggins put on quite a performance on Monday at their respective Media Days, while Kyrie Irving and Jonathan Isaac are other notable anti-vaxxers. RoLo has clearly been paying attention to some of this anti-vaxxer nonsense, and he wanted to have a laugh at their expense.

Of course, a simple Google search would show that Brook’s Bucks did indeed win last season’s NBA title. It was the first championship for the franchise in 50 years, with Brook playing a big role as the starting center. While Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez like to take jabs at each other, we know it’s all in good fun and they’re always happy when the other succeeds.