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The Orlando Magic have to explore trades for Aaron Gordon or Jonathan Issac

The Orlando Magic have to explore trades for Aaron Gordon or Jonathan Issac

The Orlando Magic have a lot of questions about their future. One of the biggest is how they should handle their two young wings Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon. The issue at hand is if the two can coexist, not to mention lurking questions about each of their ceilings.

On the daily Locked On Magic Podcast, host Philip Rossman-Reich breaks down the Magic’s decision. Moreover, if Jonathan Isaac or Aaron Gordon should be traded.

Philip Rossman-Reich: Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac are two vital pieces of this Orlando Magic team, two young players who have reportedly bright futures ahead of them. They also have a lot of unrealized potential. Everything is so up in the air with the Magic and what they want to do and how they want to build moving forward and these two players have a lot of questions about them. There are a lot of questions, there’s no certainty that either one will become the star that we all hoped.

There’s no denying that there’s still a lot that the Magic have to figure out, that both players have to figure out to fit well together. That includes picking up the pace and that includes being better shooters.

Then there’s always the age-old adage, there’s no reason to delay to tomorrow what you could do today. What is the purpose of trying to salvage something that there are still very clear questions about? If the Magic believe that Jonathan Isaac is their guy, that ultimately means Aaron Gordon has to be on the market.

Unless Aaron Gordon takes a leap somewhere that is unexpected, that they expected him to make this year that he did not make, injuries aside. Then the Magic have to be exploring that market.

By all accounts and by all reports, the Magic did explore that market at the trade deadline. They looked around to see what they could get for Aaron Gordon and not finding deals that they liked or not able to come to an agreement. They, I think rightfully, made the decision that we can hit the pause button we are in no rush to make a deal. We are no rush, we hold the card, and if there’s not a deal out there that makes sense this experiment is worth trying again another year or a little bit longer. That’s true. There is no decision point yet. The Magic are not at one of those turning-point moments. They’re not at a moment where they have to make a yes or no decision. Gordon still has two years left on his contract Isaac’s becoming a restricted free agent in 2021 but the Magic are likely to resign him. They can see they can use the 2022 season to figure out if Gordon and Isaac can work together.