Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola couldn't resist taking a swipe at Liverpool following their Carabao Cup triumph over Chelsea on Sunday, reported by GOAL. Guardiola seemed to downplay the significance of the competition, citing advice he received when he arrived at City. Referring to a conversation with Brian Kidd, he mentioned, “The Carabao Cup, don't pay attention, play the young players, nobody cares.” Adding to the sentiment, he recalled Sir Alex Ferguson's stance, stating, “It doesn't matter.” Guardiola's comments hinted at his perception that the Carabao Cup has been historically viewed as a lesser trophy.

In a press conference, Guardiola expressed his observations, saying, “I don't know what happened in these last years, looks like the final of a different competition. It's the truth!” The remarks seem aimed at questioning the evolving significance attached to the Carabao Cup, especially in light of Liverpool's recent victory.

While Manchester City has secured the Carabao Cup four times since Pep Guardiola's arrival in 2016, Liverpool, under Jurgen Klopp, has clinched it twice. This year's win holds special importance for Liverpool as they overcame injuries to key players, fielding a relatively inexperienced side that triumphed over a full-strength Chelsea.

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As Klopp's final season at Anfield unfolds, Liverpool aims to make it memorable with significant trophy wins. The Carabao Cup victory, achieved in challenging circumstances, adds to the club's narrative as they bid farewell to their esteemed manager. Manchester City will now turn their attention to the FA Cup clash against Luton Town on Tuesday, followed by a high-stakes Premier League encounter against rivals Manchester United on Sunday.