For those who thought Marshawn Lynch's football playing days were the extent of his Beast Mode — they were very wrong. Lynch has been bringing his signature intensity to his new passion — acting — and recently opened up about his surprisingly personal reasons for tackling the role of Mr. G in the new raunchy teen comedy Bottoms.

The R-rated film, produced by Elizabeth Banks, aims for inclusivity while not sacrificing the funny as it follows a pair of best friends Josie (The Bear's Ayo Edebiri) and PJ (Rachel Sennott), who are lesbians, as they start a fight club in order to meet girls and lose their virginity before they graduate high school.

According to an interview in GQ Sports with the film's director, Emma Seligman, Lynch's reasons for wanting to play an oblivious history teacher who runs their fight club centered on regrets he had from how he reacted when his own sister came out of the closet.

“In our first conversation, he told me that his sister is queer,” Seligman said, speaking of Lynch. “And when they were in high school, he didn’t necessarily handle it super well.”

She continued, “He felt like this movie coming into his hands was the universe giving him a chance to right his wrongs. That’s what he said.”

Lynch backed up these comments in his own interview with Critqal, in which he admitted “This was a good opportunity for me, because when I was in high school, my sister had came out as being a lesbian,” said Lynch. “I did not handle it right.”

“As a 16-year-old boy,” Lynch continued, “I didn't handle it the way that I feel I probably should have. So, I told her it was giving me an opportunity to correct my wrongs. To rewrite one of my mistakes.”

Sounds like Marshawn Lynch and his sister have since patched up their relationship — Lynch even walked his sister down the aisle — but it's nice to know Beast Mode can admit mistakes and is using his high profile to promote inclusivity in his acting roles. Bottoms premiered in theaters on August 25.