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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Top Mods to make the Galaxy even better

Mass Effect Mods Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition marked the triumphant return to glory of the Mass Effect franchise. The remake trilogy brings the game up to par with modern standards. Legendary Edition gives players the definitive edition of all three Mass Effect games. But even Bioware admits that whatever they make can always be improved with the mods that fans make. Hence, we’re here to give you a list of Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods to make your Legendary experience even better.

A quick reminder on the use of mods

As always, we’d like to remind everyone that using mods will have you tinkering with Mass Effects‘ game files. Sometimes, mistakes happen and you might end up having a broken game. Usually, this can be solved by a simple re-install. However, it can also lead to some major issues with the game. While such occurrences happen rarely, still consider yourself warned. Meanwhile, modders usually work autonomously. Some mods might not be compatible with other mods, especially for those that tackle the same issue and replace the same files in your game folder. Make sure to check each mod’s compatibility sections to be informed of known issues with other mods. Finally, be responsible with your Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods. Make sure that you follow all instructions to the letter to lower the risk of breaking the game. Have fun modding!

How to use Mass Effect mods from Nexus Mods

A majority of mods work by simply replacing the game’s files with new, custom ones. Modders extract the game’s files and change parameters within the files to make changes in the game. Therefore, a majority of the mods will have you download the files, locating a certain folder in the game’s program files, and then pasting the downloaded files there. To make sure that this process goes smoothly, make sure that you have Administrator access on your computer. Not having Administrator access might have Windows trying to prevent you from replacing program files with your downloaded files. Also, to be safe, always keep a backup of your program files before you install Mass Effect mods.

Some mods might be more complicated than that. Thankfully, the modders at Nexus Mods are very helpful and friendly. Check the mod’s instruction file and see if there is anything special that you have to do to have the mods work. Otherwise, you can also use the community’s boards and forums to ask questions whenever a mod doesn’t work as intended.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mods to make the galaxy a better place

  • Better Camera (Higher FOV) JadeBarker – This mod increases the camera’s field of vision when playing with just one click of a button. Press F10 to pull up the menu to change your FOV sliders. This works on all three games. Increasing FOV allows you to see more on your screen, giving you a better view of the action.
  • FemShep Splash Images Audemus – A simple mod for simple fans of Female Shepard. This replaces the loading splash image with a version of the image featuring Female Shepard.
  • Easy Console Commands seeker0003 – If you want more control over the Mass Effect‘s properties, Easy Console Commands gives you that. Tinker with different parameters and options that may not even be on the game’s settings all within the game.
  • Skip Launcher Intro JadeBarker – Save time by removing the launcher intro video.
  • Better Colors and Lighting ReShade Presets –  Devinite – Add a bit more life to the grey and monotonous areas of the game with this mod. It’s a simple lighting reshade preset that gives the game a livelier vibe.
  • Extra Keybinds ACVIPERpro – Mass Effect 2‘s keybinding sucks, especially if you only play with a keyboard and a mouse. This mod fixes the experience somewhat by setting separate keys for interact, sprint, and cover.
  • Steam Controller or Mixed Input Mod DropTheSquid – While Mass Effect Legendary Edition natively supports controllers, this mod helps improve the experience for those who like using keyboard and mouse controls alongside their controllers.

Did you know? Bioware looked at Mass Effect Mods and used them as benchmarks for the Legendary Edition

As proof that mods make games better than how devs left them, Bioware themselves admitted that they looked at the most popular Mass Effect mods during development to see what kind of quality their fans have become accustomed to. They made sure that the remastered versions will at least look as good as the best graphical enhancement mods. However, as we can see here, the modders have already gone to work again to make the enhanced editions of the game even look and play better. Talk about the dedication of these Mass Effect fans.