Matt Damon, while promoting his new film Oppenheimer, revealed that he's a big fan of Inhaler — the Irish band led by U2's frontman Bono's son, Eli Hewson.

During an appearance on Radio X, Damon was asked what his favorite bands are, and like the true friend that he is to U2's frontman, he namedropped his son's band, Inhaler. “You know who's great? Have you guys been listening to Inhaler? Those guys are epic, man,” he said. “They're so fantastic, they're so great.”

He then recalled a story involving Bono and his son in the studio. “I talked to Bono about it a couple of years ago and he had me laughing,” Damon said. “There's a song that they wrote called ‘Ice Cream Sundae'… the first line is, ‘I'm in the pursuit of happiness/I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it.' And then the second verse starts and the line is, ‘I'm in the pursuit of happiness/I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it.' And Bono said to him [Eli Hewson], ‘You can't start this second verse with the same line as the first verse,' and his son was like, ‘Yeah, okay, dad.'”

That story from Bono was then compared to Damon's writing Good Will Hunting, as some told him that the scenes were “too long.” I suppose it worked out for all parties involved here.

Inhaler is an up-and-coming Irish rock band here to save 80s punk rock. Their Joy Division energy is mixed with the spirit of The Smiths, and Eli Hewson has proved himself a formidable frontman just like his father. They are currently touring their sophomore album, Cuts & Bruises, which includes a homecoming show at Dublins 3Arena — an arena Bono and U2 have played many times.

Bono and U2 are gearing up for their first live shows since the tail end of 2020. They will open up the MSG Sphere with a residency this fall celebrating their classic album, Achtung Baby. Bono also recently wrapped up a residency himself at the Beacon Theatre during his “Stories of Surrender” tour in support of his autobiography. U2 also released Songs of Surrender earlier this year — a compilation of 40 reworked tracks from U2's discography that tie in with Bono's book.

Matt Damon is promoting Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan's latest film. He plays Leslie Groves in the historical epic.

Oppenheimer will be released on July 21.