Apart from being one of the best young talents in the NBA, there's no doubt Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic is also quite easy on the eyes. And it appears even referees are susceptible to Doncic's boyish charm.

In a light-hearted moment in the second period of the Mavericks' hosting of the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, Doncic was seen making his case to official Ashley Moyer-Gleich as Clippers forward Paul George was shooting his free throws. It seems Doncic was trying to talk his way out of the call, as he shared a lovely moment with Moyer-Gleich.

While Doncic's attempt to overturn the call went for naught, Moyer-Gleich cracked a huge smile after her interaction with the 22-year-old from Slovenia.

Apart from trying to maximize his good looks, Doncic played magnificently to avenge their previous loss to the Clippers. The Mavericks took care of business with an easy 105-89 victory behind Doncic's 42 points, six rebounds, nine assists, three steals, and two blocks in 43 solid minutes. The two-time All-Star shot 16-of-28 from the field and went 6-of-11 from past the arc.

Players and officials often figure in heated confrontations so this heartwarming moment between Luka Doncic and Moyer-Gleich was indeed a breath of fresh air.

Now that's pure Luka Magic right there.