Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic isn't a happy camper these days.

Already affected by off-court legal battles with his biological mother, the on-court sanctuary that Doncic is supposed to have inside of basketball gyms and NBA arenas has been tainted.

Not so much by the arrival of enigmatic star Kyrie Irving, whose mere presence can draw the ire from any number of fans and media members. More so because, as of late, the Mavs have struggled even with Irving playing at an All-Star level.

Despite having two of the best offensive players in the NBA in Luka and Kyrie, the Mavs have been handicapped by defensive woes. To make matters worse, Dallas lost an intangible battle against the undermanned Charlotte Hornets on Friday night.

Mavs head coach Jason Kidd was dismayed by their effort. As were fans, who showered the Mavs with boos.

Speaking about the fans displeasure with the team after the game, Doncic says that the Mavs “probably” deserved to be booed.

“This season hasn’t been what we thought it was going to be,” he adds. “We’ve still got time to make it up.”

Doncic finished the contest against the Hornets with 34 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists.

While he certainly showed up against Charlotte, most of his teammates didn't.

Kidd, speaking on self-motivated players, may believe that the reason his team came out flat is that they were too concerned about their minutes and scoring averages.

Aside from Irving, Dallas does have more perimeter talent than ever with the growth of Josh Green and Jaden Hardy. Veteran wing Tim Hardaway Jr. needs to get up his shot attempts as well.

Nonetheless, at 36-38 (12th in the West), the Mavs don't have too much time to figure it out.