In the disturbing, sordid details of the sexual misconduct and abuse case building against rapper and prolific hip hop producer Sean “Diddy” Combs, a recent arrest has shed light on Diddy's alleged drug supplier — a 25 year old former Syracuse basketball player named Brendan Paul.

According to the New York Post, Paul was arrested by federal authorities on Monday at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport as he was seeking to board a private jet with Combs. The federal authorities were working in conjunction with Homeland Security and Border Patrol and reportedly found drugs suspected to be cocaine and marijuana edibles in Paul’s bag.

Paul was charged with one count of possession of suspected cocaine and suspected marijuana candy, according to an arrest report obtained by the New York Post. Both of those crimes are felonies in the state of Florida.

The tip about Paul appears to have sprung from the same lawsuit against Combs that led to the raids of his Los Angeles and Miami mansions earlier this week. The music producer Rodney Jones filed this particular suit — there are many against Combs at the moment — with this one in particular being used to investigate the allegation that Diddy hosted “sex trafficking parties”.

Several lawsuits brought against Combs in recent months allege that he was drugging women as part of a pattern of sexual abuse and misconduct, so his drug supplier is certainly a person of note in the case.

Jones' suit claims that Paul “acquires and distributes Mr. Combs guns and drugs.”

However, there is no known link at this point between Diddy and the drugs that Paul was arrested with this week.

So who is Brendan Paul and how did he meet Diddy?

Rodney Jones' lawsuit further alleges that Paul is Diddy's “drug mule”. As for how the two got so close, little is known.

Just seven years ago, Paul was a promising young college basketball freshman playing for Syracuse University in New York. When he found himself not getting much playing time his freshman or sophomore year — playing just 17 total minutes in 16 total games over those two seasons for Syracuse, recording just three points and one rebound — he decided to transfer to the Division II school Fairmont State University for his junior and senior years.

Paul transferred to Fairmont State in 2020, where he played an average of under 10 minutes per game.

After college, it seems Paul became an amateur music producer from his laptop at home during the pandemic. It's unclear when or how his beats got the attention of Diddy, but Paul began to produce for Combs on The Love Album, which came out in September.

Paul took to Facebook to post a picture of himself with Diddy to commemorate the album's release.

Now Brendan Paul's fortunes have turned — as he is tied to a major federal investigation against the rap mogul and has been arrested in possession of illegal drugs. We can certainly expect plenty more twists and turns from the Sean “Diddy” Combs case, but it's safe to say Paul won't be flying around in Diddy's private jet again anytime soon.