After Melanie Martinez fans spent $400 on VIP tickets, they were gravely disappointed with the meet and greet they were promised. The singer offered VIP tickets with a meet and greet package during her Portals Tour. Instead of actually meeting the singer, fans got a video with an AI-generated hologram of her, per People.

“Does anyone else think the vip ai meet and greet with Melanie is kinda stupid? I mean the vip tickets were $400 and you didn't even really get anything,” wrote one fan on TikTok. “I still love [Melanie] and everything. I'm literally going to her concert. But she could at least put in some more effort.”

According to the conglomerate Ticketmaster, the Portals VIP Experience includes a ticket to the show, access to the Interactive Portals Photo Experience, an autographed poster, an exclusive merchandise package and digital collectable, a VIP laminate as well as early entry to the venue and access to merchandise.

“I thought it was cute,” wrote another fan who purchased the package, noting that fans are “hating” when “it never said anywhere there was going to be a meet and greet. The concert was so fun.”

Neither Martinez nor Ticketmaster claimed they would meet her face to face, but they also didn't specify that the photo experience is only a hologram instead of Martinez herself.

Another fan was disappointed as well with the photo experience and claimed she didn't receive the merchandise on-site. “just got home from the melanie martinez portals and kinda upset [about] how the vip meet and greet was ai generated,” they wrote.