After weeks of waiting, the U.S has finally been granted access to Brittney Griner by the Russian government. Fortunately, she is reportedly in good condition. 

A U.S. department spokesperson provided the following statement about Griner’s condition and the what the plan will look like moving forward. 

“We were able to check on her condition. We will continue to work very closely with her legal team, with her broader network to see to it that she is treated fairly. That is a message we will continue to convey in no uncertain terms to the Russian Federation.”

However, she is expected to remain in Russian custody for the next two months at minimum

Brittney Griner was originally detained in Russia following Russian officials saying they found “hashish oils” in her luggage. She was ultimately charged with the crime of smuggling drugs. It was also originally mentioned that the WNBA star could face up to ten years in prison

The 31-year old is a 7-time WNBA All-Star, 2-time WNBA scoring leader, 8-time WNBA blocks leader, and 1-time WNBA champion. She was one of the most well-known players coming out of college after playing at Baylor University. Her popularity only grew after being drafted by the Phoenix Mercury in 2013. 

However, her basketball future is in jeopardy given her current circumstance. But that is likely the last thing on her mind, as she is just hoping to be able to return home safely. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become official.