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Javy Baez’ ‘thumbs down’ comments get shown the door by Mets’ front office

Mets, Javy Baez

The New York Mets beat the Washington Nationals 9-4 on Sunday. Given what happened following the game, one would assume they would’ve lost.

Mets shortstop Javy Baez raised eyebrows following the win when he stated the thumbs down gesture that he and other players were displaying was directed towards New York fans that continue to boo the tailspin the team has gone through.

Mets president Sandy Alderson quickly released a rebuttal to Baez’ comments, shutting the door on the gesture continuing on.

“In a post-game press conference today, Javy Baez stated that his ‘thumbs down’ gesture during the game was a message to fans who recently have booed him and other players for poor performance. These comments, and any gestures by him or other players with similar intent, are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

“Mets fans are understandably frustrated over the team’s recent performance. The players and the organization are equally frustrated, but fans at Citi Field have every right to express their own disappointment. Booing is every fan’s right.”

“The Mets will not tolerate any player gesture that is unprofessional in its meaning or is directed in a negative way towards our fans…”

Having to release a statement like that really only adds fuel to the fire for the Mets and their current situation. One month ago in late July, New York led the way in the National League East. Fast forward to August 30, the Mets are 63-67 and 7.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves.

Time is running out for New York to make a playoff push and they know it as well as their fans do.