Pete Alonso is under contract with the New York Mets through the 2024 season. But without a long-term deal in place, Alonso would be free to leave New York.

Alonso's agent Scott Boras made comments last month letting the Mets know that Alonso is ready to discuss a new contract. Said Boras, “When it comes to the polar bear, we're not in contract hibernation.”

But the Mets and Alonso have reportedly not discussed a contract extension this offseason, according to Tim Healey of Newsday Sports:

“The Mets and Pete Alonso have not talked about a contract extension this offseason, source said.”

Alonso was a home-grown prospect for the Mets, getting selected in the second round of the MLB Draft. He made his major league debut in 2019 and has appeared in 684 games. Since reaching the majors all Alonso has done is excel, hitting 192 home runs over his five years. He has swung at a .251 clip and added 498 RBI. The first baseman is a former Rookie of the Year, a three-time All-Star and a two-time Home Run Derby champion.

There were whispers that the Mets may look to deal Alonso, but those rumors have died down in recent weeks. However it plays out, the Mets likely won't want Alonso to reach free agency, where the market can dictate his value. Free agency valuations can reach astronomical figures and, though Scott Boras is capable of negotiating an extremely favorable deal for his client to return, the Mets would still likely find some value in signing the first baseman before his is able to test the market.