Pete Alonso is doing his thing for the New York Mets. The Polar Bear is mashing home runs, leading all of MLB with 21 while leading the National League in RBI with 47. To add to his great start to the year, Alonso achieved a historic feat.

Alonso already put himself in the Mets' record books with his insane pace for long balls to start the season. He also set a record for most home runs in the history of New York's ballpark, Citi Field, when he took Nate Pearson deep in a loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. The blast was his 21st of the season, giving him a two-homer lead over fellow New York star Aaron Judge. It wasn't his most impressive homer but it put a run on the board all the same.

Pete Alonso passed fellow first baseman Lucas Duda with his 72nd home run at Citi Field, which opened up in 2009. Michael Conforto is third on the list with 66 and no one else has 50, though franchise icon David Wright had 49. Alonso's 167 career home runs rank fifth in Mets history behind Daryl Strawberry, Wright, Mike Piazza and Howard Johnson, in that order.

Although the Mets have a record of just 30-30, Alonso is doing everything he can at the plate to help his team. With an OPS of .862, 52 hits and career-highs in home-run percentage (8.2) and walk percentage (10.6), Alsonso is trying to uplift the Mets' offense. New York will need a whole lot more in order to make a deep playoff run in the fall.