Veteran catcher Gary Sanchez has bounced around quite a bit in 2023. He signed a deal with the San Francisco Giants before being released and then inked a contract with the New York Mets. However, Sanchez played just three games before being released again. He went just 1-6 with an RBI in his brief stint.

However, Sanchez received a stunning amount of cash for just a cup of coffee with the Mets, per Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

‘Catcher Gary Sanchez’s stay with the Mets lasted all of three games. He was paid about $350,000 for each day worked with his $1.5 million prorated salary becoming guaranteed once he was called up.'

Gary Sanchez was with the Mets for just a handful of games in the big leagues and managed to make $350,000 per day. That's an incredible amount of money for somebody that is well past their prime, although the former New York Yankees catcher somehow manages to ink deals.

For some perspective, the 2023 MLB minimum for the year is $720,000, so Sanchez made nearly that in just a matter of a couple of days. Sanchez didn't make an appearance with the Giants in the big leagues, but in 2022 he was at least somewhat serviceable with the Minnesota Twins.

With the Twins, Sanchez hit just .205 but slugged 16 home runs with 61 RBI, although his All-Star days are far over. Still, Gary Sanchez is finding a way to cash in on $1.5 million during his brief time with the Mets, and getting paid $350,000 for days worth of work is quite the move.