The New York Mets' game against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday was rained out and postponed, resulting a in a doubleheader on Wednesday during a crucial stretch for the Marlins, and Mets owner Steve Cohen took to X to apologize to the Marlins for not getting the game in last night.

“Our sincere apologies to the Marlins and their fans for having to postpone last night's game,” Steve Cohen said on X. “We know how important this series is to the Marlins and every effort was made to get the field playable.”

The Mets are out of the playoff race, but the Marlins are half of a game out of a playoff spot in the National League. With the doubleheader on Wednesday, the Marlins have a chance to either tie or pass the Chicago Cubs for the last playoff spot.

Despite not playing on Tuesday, the Marlins got a big break, when the Cubs blew a 6-0 lead, and outfielder Seiya Suzuki misplayed a fly ball that allowed the Atlanta Braves to take the lead for good.

The Mets have hired David Stearns and are likely to make some significant changes this offseason to build a sustainable winner. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for them and how aggressive they will be in free agency.

The Marlins are finishing with three games against the Mets, then three against the Pittsburgh Pirates, while the Cubs have two more against the Braves and finish with a three-game series against the Milwaukee Brewers. Those games will determine the last Wild Card spot in the National League.