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Michael Jordan says he has no problem with Kevin Durant’s decision to play for the Warriors

michael jordan

Since announcing that he has chosen to bring his talents to the Golden State Warriors last year, Kevin Durant has received a lot of criticism and continues to be trolled on social media. However, he may have found the biggest supporter of his decision, who is not even a part of his current team, and even his family. Chicago Bulls and NBA legend Michael Jordan.

During the Q&A held in his Flight School Camp, Jordan was asked to give his thoughts on the former MVP and four-time scoring champion going to Oakland. He made it known that he sees no problem with Durant’s decision, as he supports free agents and power to choose their destiny.

Kevin Durant is a free agent he can go wherever he wants. I am a total supporter of free agents going wherever they want. Would I have done it, probably not. But he chose to do it, that’s his own right, he has a right to do it. I’m not mad at him for doing it. I wish him the best. I would do it differently.”

Kevin Durant’s choice wasn’t taken by many lightly, especially because his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, were eliminated by the Dubs in the playoffs only a few months before he decided to join them. Some fans thought of it as taking the easy way out, and cheating his way to winning a championship.

A year after his controversial move, Durant has already won a title and was even named the Finals MVP. He may have a lot of non-believers, but he also knows that his family, friends, and team are behind him, and that may be all that matter to him. It also helps that one of the greatest, if not the greatest basketball player to ever play the game, also supports his decision, which vindicates him even more.