Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh seems to be awfully impressed with the quarterback play of JJ McCarthy, as he recently had nothing but incredibly high praise for his QB in a press conference, via On3sports.

“I feel like I stand corrected from what I’ve been saying the last several months, which is I think J.J. is a once in a generation quarterback,” Harbaugh said. “J.J. has shown to be on path to be the best quarterback in Michigan history.

“The statistics I’m sure speak to that, and the statistic that speaks to it the most is amount of [successful drives. He’s had 213 drives. We’ve scored on 130 of those drives, and 96 have been touchdowns, 34 field goals, 61%. So, it’s really remarkable. There’s no stat that demonstrates the quality of quarterback play more than that statistic, in my mind.”

J.J. McCarthy compared to Tom Brady?

While Jim Harbaugh's comments about JJ McCarthy might raise the eyebrows of Tom Brady, arguably the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time, it seems pretty clear that Harbaugh is referring solely to the Michigan football collegiate career of McCarthy, and not his pro prospects. Being the best college quarterback (Tim Tebow, for example) is a lot different than being the best quarterback from a certain college to play professionally.

While McCarthy has performed incredibly well and has great pro potential, Harbaugh isn't going so far as to say he'll be better than Tom Brady, even if it could potentially be misinterpreted that way.

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Still, the high praise from Harbaugh is impressive for JJ McCarthy, as Michigan has seen a lot of great quarterbacks produce big-time seasons behind center over the years. McCarthy's trajectory outpaces them all, but there's still a lot of season left to be played this year for Michigan football.