The Michigan football team capped off an impressive regular season on Saturday as they beat rival Ohio State football for the third straight season to improve to 12-0. The Wolverines will now head to Indianapolis next weekend for the Big Ten Championship game against Iowa football. If Michigan wins that one, it will be their third straight Big Ten title. It's been an exciting season for the Wolverines on the field, but what has happened off the field has been a major talking point in the college football world.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh missed the first three games of the Michigan football season because of minor recruiting violations, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Around the halfway point of the regular season, the NCAA opened up an investigation on the Michigan team for alleged illegal sign-stealing. Shortly after the investigation began, Connor Stalions became a household name in the college football world.

Connor Stalions was a low-level staffer for the Wolverines, but he resigned from his position shortly after the investigation began. Stalions was responsible for the sign-stealing scheme. He purchased tickets to numerous college football games over the past couple of seasons and sent people to the games to record the sidelines. He then used the footage to get the signs of teams that were playing Michigan.

The NCAA prohibits teams from in-person scouting, but because no member of the staff actually went to the game, it created a lot of confusion. Then, photos emerged of a man that looks very similar to Stalions on the sidelines of a Central Michigan-Michigan State game from early in the season. There has not been an official word on if that was or wasn't Stalions, but the general assumption is that it was.

After all of this happened, no one had seen or heard anything about Stalions. More punishments came for the Michigan football team as Harbaugh was suspended for the final three games of the season, but still nothing on Stalions. That suspension ended after Michigan's big win over Ohio State, and Harbaugh will be on the sidelines for the Big Ten Championship. The suspension ended Saturday, and it looks like there might have been some Stalions sightings then as well.

The Barstool College Football Show aired from Ann Arbor for the Michigan-Ohio State game on Saturday, and during the show, a mystery man walked on set and handed Dave Portnoy a piece of paper that said Ryan Day will be suspended for longer than Harbaugh. Many people now believe that the mystery man was Connor Stalions, and Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post did some investigating on the matter.

It is unclear if that really was Stalions, but it seems more likely than not. The mystery man also appeared in a pizza review video that Dave Portnoy did over the weekend, and that stirred up the rumors even more. Portnoy has been adamant about his support for Stalions, and he has tweeted multiple times that he would give him a lifetime contract to work at Barstool. The legend of Stalions is growing, and perhaps he is taking Portnoy up on that offer.