The Michigan football team cruised to an easy 30-3 win against East Carolina football on Saturday, and the win looked a little bit different than the Wolverines' 13 wins last season. Michigan was a smash mouth, run the ball down your throat type of team last season, and with both star running backs (Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards) back this season, many people expected the Wolverines to be a run first team again. However, the Pirates did a great job of stopping the run on Saturday and Michigan did most of their damage through the air. For example, Edwards had just 37 yards on 12 carries Saturday. despite his slow start, however, Edwards was still happy with how the team looked as a whole.

“East Carolina had a really great game plan for stopping the run,” Donovan Edwards said according to an article from “8, 9, 10 people in the box. They were stopping a run, but it was great being in the Big House again. All the fantastic fans cheering us on. I’m very happy with how we played overall as a team, they stopped the run, and that opened up the passing game. JJ McCarthy had a great game. Roman Wilson had a fantastic game.”

East Carolina did their job of slowing down the run game, but that certainly opened things up for JJ McCarthy and his receivers. Edwards is confident that Michigan will continue to do whatever they need to do each week to come out with a win.

“We’re going to do what we need to do,” Edwards continued. “If they stop the run, we’re going to rely on the pass. If they’re putting eight people back, we’ll run the ball. But their game plan was to stop No. 2 and No. 7. So they pretty much did, and we both didn’t crack a hundred. But we rely on everything. We’re that dynamic of a team where we’re relying on the run, the pass, JJ McCarthy running, quarterbacks running, receivers getting space to catch the balls, or making contested catches. That’s what we’re relying on.”

Michigan is back in action in week two at home against UNLV football. We'll see if Edwards and Corum end up taking over the game, or if it's another passing show from McCarthy.