The Michigan football team has received a ton of attention this college football season, and it's not just because of their undefeated record and #1 ranking. The Wolverines are currently being investigated by the NCAA for illegal in-person scouting, and it's been one of the biggest stories in college football this season. The story has quieted down a bit ever since Michigan beat Ohio State and won the Big Ten for the third season in a row as that showed that the sign-stealing likely wasn't giving them much of an advantage, but there are some people still talking about it quite frequently.

One person that has brought it up a couple times as of late if Missouri football coach Eli Drinkwitz. Drinkwitz and his Tigers are gearing up to play Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl, and when Drinkwitz was discussing the matchup on ESPN, her pretended to get a phone call from Connor Stalions, the Michigan football staffer that was responsible for the sign-stealing scheme.

It didn't stop there, however. The first comment about Stalions and Michigan seemed like a lighthearted joke, but when Drinkwitz was recently talking about the College Football Playoff, it sounded like he thought maybe the Wolverines shouldn't be eligible because of the scandal.

“If we’re gonna really have hard conversations, let me ask you this. If a team in the playoff has a star player get injured, are they gonna be removed from the playoff, and then we put Florida State back in?” Drinkwitz said on SiriusXM Radio. “That, to me, was complete nonsensical rationalization. I know I’m an SEC guy, but that one bothered me a whole lot. And to not factor in maybe a team (Michigan) having an unfair advantage in some of their games — it just seemed like, to me, we were picking and choosing what lens we were gonna look through.”

Florida State football was left out of the playoff after going 13-0 and winning the ACC. That decision from the committee has created a lot of controversy, and it sounds like some people think that Michigan should've been left out.

The Wolverines are going to the CFP, however, and they will take on #4 Alabama in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The sign-stealing investigation will be solved eventually, but NCAA investigations like this one typically take a long time to complete. It could be awhile before we hear the final results of the situation.