The Michigan football team won the national title a few months ago, and the Wolverines were loaded with NFL talent. Michigan broke the record for most invites to the NFL Combine, and they might break the record for most players drafted when the NFL Draft takes place in a couple weeks. Jim Harbaugh was the head coach when the Wolverines won it all, but he is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. A lot of people are expecting him to draft a lot of his former players, and Roman Wilson is one of those people.

Roman Wilson had a big year for the Michigan football team last season as he hauled in 48 receptions for 789 yards and 12 touchdowns. Wilson knows that he and a lot of his teammates are going to be drafted, and he wouldn't be surprised if Jim Harbaugh and the Chargers take a lot of them.

“I wouldn't be surprised if like all nine of us end up going [to the Chargers],” Wilson said, according to an article from Fox Sports. “But seriously, like at least five or six. I think he's going to take a lot of us.”

There are a lot of people that are expecting Harbaugh to load up on Michigan players. He built a special culture in Ann Arbor and all of those players would obviously fit right into the mold with the Chargers. Wilson would not be opposed to reuniting with his head coach in Los Angeles.

“I'd love to go out there and play, especially at pick 37,” Wilson said. “I wouldn't be upset with that. I'd get to reunite with my coach and maybe some of my former teammates. I'd absolutely love that.”

When Harbaugh took the Chargers job, he mentioned that he was going to turn it into “Michigan West.” He has already brought a lot of his coaches with him, and he is likely going to be draft at least some of his former players as well. He's no longer in Ann Arbor, but he is still a Michigan man.

Michigan football is going to have a lot of players drafted

Michigan wide receiver Roman Wilson celebrates a play during the first quarter of the College Football Playoff national championship game against Washington
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Next year's Michigan football team is going to look a lot different because of all the talent that they are losing to the NFL, and also all the coaches. The majority of the Wolverines' offensive production from last season is going pro, and a fair amount of defensive players are leaving as well. Those guys won multiple Big Ten titles, beat Ohio State multiple times, made the College Football Playoff multiple times and they won a national title. They accomplished everything they wanted to at Michigan, and they are ready for the pros.

Michigan football had 18 players receive an invite to the NFL Combine. The current record for most draft picks from one school in one year is 15 and it was set by Georgia back in 2022. The Wolverines could very well break that record in a couple weeks.

It will be interesting to see where all of these Wolverines go and if Roman Wilson is right about his Jim Harbaugh prediction. It will also be interesting to see how the brand new 2024 Michigan team fares next season.