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Nasty Mike Trout patch auto card leaves breaker stunned after he called it right before pull

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When it comes to MLB cards, all the rage among collectors these days involves Shohei Ohtani cards. But while everyone is hunting for his stock, it can’t be denied that going for Mike Trout cards is still a good move. Case in point: this massive pull that will leave any card enthusiast speechless.

In a video shared by Cardporn, The Bullpen LA opened a box of 2021 Topps Luminaries, which is selling for $325 right now. Although the price doesn’t seem to match other high-end products, it only contains a single card in it. This means that when buying this product, it’s either go big or go home.

In the case of The Bullpen LA, it was more of the latter. As the box and the plastic case were being opened, suspense was clearly in the air. It wouldn’t last that long as the booklet card was revealed to have Trout on it.

At that moment, the people behind the video burst in excitement to hold a Letter Book Autograph 1-of-1 Mike Trout card. It features a massive red patch with a capital letter T on the right and Trout’s image and signature on the left side.

While this Mike Trout pull doesn’t have a worth yet on the market, its value can be gauged by other cards from the set that have been sold. Over at eBay, Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr.’s patch auto booklet card from the same set went for $1,775 and $2,950, respectively. It’s safe to say that this one featuring Trout will be equal or could even exceed those prices.

Without a doubt, this insane pull is definitely worth all the hype and excitement shown in the video. Expect its value to shoot up, especially when Trout returns to the field and starts to win some games for the Los Angeles Angels.