The MLB lockout has no end in sight at the moment, as Spring Training games have been canceled, with regular season games potentially next to be sacrificed. While there is still time for the MLBPA and the owners to sign a new CBA before the deadline of game cancellations, it's not looking likely at this point. The MLB announced that if games were canceled, they would not be re-scheduled, and players would receive no pay for the day. That means that players could stand to lose a hefty amount of money per day if the lockout continues to stretch on through the season. Max Scherzer of the New York Mets and Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees, two of the top starting pitchers in the league, are also two of the highest-paid in terms of average annual salary. Scherzer and Cole could both lose an insane amount of money due to the MLB lockout, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Sometime soon, lockout costs become real: Max Scherzer would forfeit $232,975 for each regular-season day lost, and Gerrit Cole $193,548.

Mets pitcher Max Scherzer could lose $232,975 per day while Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole could part ways with as much as $193,548 for every regular season game that is canceled due to the lockout. These are insane numbers, even for MLB pitchers who make $43 million and $36 million per year, like Scherzer and Cole do, respectively.

Scherzer and Cole will have to hope that the owners come to the table with a better offer. Otherwise, they will stand to lose six figures per day.