We are already in July! The 2023 MLB season has flown by quickly, but it has featured plenty of excitement and no shortage of surprises. That said, a number of teams have performed well below expectations. The '23 campaign has been an outlier in a sense, with many preseason predictions already falling by the wayside. The MLB Power Rankings have been drastically impacted as a result.

Without further ado, let's take a look at our updated 2023 MLB Power Rankings heading into July.

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1. Atlanta Braves (+5)

The Atlanta Braves have surpassed the Tampa Bay Rays as the best team in baseball.

Atlanta is 9-1 over the course of their past 10 games as of this story's publication. The Braves are getting it done in numerous ways, whether it's at the plate, on the mound, or on the base paths. Ronald Acuna Jr has led the charge for Atlanta and he would probably be the National League MVP if the season ended today.

2. Tampa Bay Rays (-1)

The Rays remain consistent. Tampa Bay has endured their share of ups and downs over the past week, but they are still in the midst of a very strong season.

Tampa Bay has cooled off following a red hot start to the year. Nevertheless, they still hold a respectable lead in MLB's most difficult division.

3. Texas Rangers (+1)

The Rangers just refuse to go away. Many people around the MLB world still expect the Houston Astros to pass the Rangers at some point. However, Texas currently leads Houston by four games in the AL West.

Despite Jacob deGrom's injury absence, the Rangers' rotation has fared well. Meanwhile, their offense is among the best in the league. This team is dangerous and people are beginning to take notice.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks (+3)

The Diamondbacks, in similar fashion to the Rangers, clearly have their sights set on upsetting the odds in 2023. The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres were expected to compete for the NL West title. Instead, it's the Diamondbacks who currently lead the division.

Arizona continues to play well and it will be interesting to see if they can keep it going all season long. For now, they are the fourth best team in our MLB Power Rankings.

5. Baltimore Orioles (-2)

The Orioles are in second place in the difficult-to-navigate AL East. Baltimore needs to make pitching upgrades ahead of the trade deadline but this ball club is certainly a contender. Winning the division will be tough but the Orioles are a team worth keeping tabs on in 2023.

6. Miami Marlins (+8)

The Marlins are finally putting it all together. They don't feature much offense but this team finds ways to win close games. Their pitching is always going to give them a chance, and Miami has the potential to be a truly serious contender if they add some offense this month.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (-5)

Los Angeles isn't having their best season. The fact that the Dodgers are still No. 7 in our MLB Power Rankings and hold a quality record despite not playing their best baseball speaks to how impressive this organization is.

The Dodgers are still favored by many to win the NL West despite currently trailing Arizona. Their MLB trade deadline moves will be intriguing to follow to say the least.

8. New York Yankees (-3)

Similarly to the Dodgers, the Yankees haven't been quite as consistent this year as compared to past seasons but they remain in the playoff conversation. New York has overcome a number of impactful injuries to stay relevant in the AL East and AL Wild Card race.

New York features the potential to climb the power rankings. Nevertheless, they are still a top 10 ball club.

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9. Houston Astros (-1)

The Astros are still trying to catch the Rangers in the AL West. Following a slow start in 2023, Houston has picked things up and they are a legitimate contender once again. Catching the Rangers won't be easy though.

Houston's done a good job of leaning on their bullpen amid their starting pitching injuries. The Astros should continue to climb the MLB Power Rankings as the season continues on.

10. San Francisco Giants (+7)

The Giants, despite missing out on Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa in free agency, are a top 10 team.

This is certainly surprising especially considering the division they play in. San Francisco doesn't feature many stars but they have depth on their roster. As a result, they are able to earn victories even though the Giants' players don't often post jaw-dropping stat lines.

This season feels similar to 2021, when the Giants won the NL West against all odds.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (no change)

Toronto isn't an elite team, but they are a good ball club. Although some players haven't performed as well as the Blue Jays thought they would, Toronto is still playing well and hanging on in the AL East.

The Blue Jays have some question marks worth addressing ahead of the trade deadline, but they will likely compete throughout the 2023 season.

12. Los Angeles Angels (-3)

It's difficult to predict where the Angels will end up. The American League is deep, so earning a Wild Card spot is going to be a challenge. The same can be said for the AL West, with Texas and Houston in front of the Angels.

A team that features Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout is difficult to bet against. However, those two superstars have just one total playoff series combined between them.

13. Milwaukee Brewers (-3)

The Brewers happen to play in a lackluster division. The Cincinnati Reds have challenged them as of late though. Milwaukee will probably need to win the division in order to clinch a playoff berth. Their pitching is solid once again in 2023, but the Brewers should look into adding a bat or two ahead of the trade deadline.

14. Cincinnati Reds (+5)

The Reds were previously one of the hottest teams in the game. Although they've cooled down, the Reds still moved up five spots in our MLB Power Rankings.

Cincinnati could end up earning a playoff spot this season. Whether or not that happens though, the future is bright for this team without question.

15. Philadelphia Phillies (+6)

The Phillies are finally starting to play fairly well. Philadelphia still checks in as a middle-tier team for now, but don't be surprised if they catch fire and move up multiple spots in the power rankings ahead of August.

16. Boston Red Sox (no change)

The Red Sox aren't necessarily having a bad season. They are in last place in the AL East, but would be in the middle of most other divisions. In fact, Boston would lead the AL Central.

Considering that Xander Bogaerts walked in free agency and the Red Sox's pitching has plenty of uncertainty, their performance hasn't been all that bad. Nevertheless, Boston may end up selling ahead of the trade deadline barring a resurgence over the next couple of weeks.

17. Minnesota Twins (-2)

The Twins are tied for the AL Central lead with a losing record. Minnesota and the Cleveland Guardians have endured similar underwhelming campaigns, but they will both fight for a division title.

The Twins need better offensive production but they've received decent results from their pitching staff. The Twins aren't a terrible team, but this ball club would benefit from a more balanced approach.

18. Cleveland Guardians (+5)

The Guardians are, as mentioned above, tied with the Twins atop the AL Central. Cleveland's pitching has kept them afloat but the lineup has been atrocious at times. Jose Ramirez is still a superstar and Josh Naylor has enjoyed some productive moments. Regardless, Cleveland must add some offensive help if they want to make any kind of playoff run in 2023.

19. Seattle Mariners (-7)

The Mariners have underperformed this season. They still likely won't sell since a playoff spot is within reach. Regardless, this team hasn't lived up to their lofty preseason expectations.

Their questionable month of June led to Seattle dropping seven spots in the MLB Power Rankings.

20. Pittsburgh Pirates (-2)

The Pirates had a fun start to the year. This team isn't built to compete just yet though. Pittsburgh will probably end up selling ahead of the trade deadline.

That said, the Pirates have been one of the worst teams in baseball over the past few seasons. There's certainly been improvement in 2023 and that is something for Pirates fans to be excited about.

21. New York Mets (-8)

If you previously would have said the Pirates would be higher than the Mets in the July MLB Power Rankings, nobody would have believed you. But that is exactly the case.

New York just can't seem to get it going. They've shown glimpses of being a true contender, but consistency has been the problem. One would not imagine that the Mets will consider selling at the deadline. Right now, though, it's something that can't be ruled out.

22. San Diego Padres (no change)

The Padres are in a very similar position to the Mets. San Diego was supposed to challenge the best teams in the National League this season. Instead, they are the No. 22 team in the power rankings heading into July.

San Diego can still find their footing and make a playoff run. If they don't start winning soon though, the 2023 campaign will be a major disappointment for them.

23. Chicago Cubs (+2)

The Cubs have endured ups and downs this year. Overall, this team is still rebuilding. Their future is bright with some interesting players on the roster. In 2023, however, selling may be their best option.

24. Detroit Tigers (-4)

The Tigers looked like an AL Central contender earlier this year. Given how bad the division has performed overall, Detroit may still make a run. For now, it looks like a two-team race between Cleveland and Minnesota.

Nevertheless, the Tigers can make things interesting by playing well over the next couple of weeks.

25. Chicago White Sox (+3)

The White Sox continue to disappoint. They seem destined for a complete rebuild. It's unfortunate since the Sox still feature plenty of talented players on their roster. The team itself simply hasn't produced positive results over the past season and a half though.

26. St. Louis Cardinals (-2)

Speaking of disappointing teams, the Cardinals may be MLB's most frustrating ball club in 2023. Yes, the Mets and Padres haven't been great but they also play in better divisions. St. Louis is somehow the worst team in baseballs' second worst division this season.

As a result, the Cardinals are likely going to have to sell ahead of the trade deadline. It really is shocking to see that St. Louis currently holds a 35-48 record.

27. Washington Nationals (-1)

The Nationals understood that the 2023 season was going to be a long one. Their young core of players has potential and Washington will probably be a playoff contender in two-three years or so. For now, they are No. 27 in our MLB Power Rankings.

28. Colorado Rockies (-1)

Unlike Washington, Colorado's future is questionable. They are rebuilding but have made some confusing decisions over the past few seasons. They opted not to trade Trevor Story and let him walk in free agency, while they traded Nolan Arenado for prospects that were less than stellar. Signing Kris Bryant in the midst of a rebuild last season was also surprising to say the least.

For the sake of Colorado fans I hope the Rockies figure out their direction soon. Right now, this team just looks lost.

29. Kansas City Royals (no change)

The Royals have quietly been terrible in 2023. The Oakland Athletics have received the majority of negative attention amid their brutal campaign and potential move to Las Vegas. Kansas City is just a couple of games better than Oakland in 2023 though.

30. Oakland Athletics (no change) 

The Athletics played better in June than the previous two months. They still remain at the bottom of the power rankings, but surpassing Kansas City at some point is possible.