The New York Mets are liking what Juan Soto brings to the table. New York City's National League club is paying close attention to the outfielder's production in the hopes of signing him as a free agent, per USA Today.

Soto is currently playing for the New York Yankees. The left-hitting outfielder had a solid year of production in 2023, hitting 35 home runs and batting in 109 runs. He finished the season with a .275 batting average, after connecting for a total of 156 hits for the San Diego Padres. Soto joined the Bronx Bombers this off-season, signing a one-year deal.

The Mets want to possibly pick up Soto, if he becomes a free agent in 2025. The team is a favorite to land the Dominican outfielder, per USA Today. The team is building offense to try and get back to the World Series. It last appeared in Major League Baseball's championship series in 2015, and hasn't won a title since 1986. The team finished the 2023 season with a 75-87 mark.

Soto also played for the Washington Nationals before his time in San Diego. Soto is a career .284 hitter, with 483 career RBIs. He won a World Series with the Nationals in 2019. It will be interesting to see how Soto performs in New York with the Yankees, and how the Mets' interests change as the year goes on. If Soto finds success in the Bronx, the team may not want him to enter the free agent pool.

The Mets are currently playing their spring training games, and hold a 0-1 record. The team plays the Houston Astros on Sunday at 1:10 Eastern.