The New York Yankees look less suited to be trade deadline buyers in each passing day, as their offensive struggles have only been accentuated after they were swept by the Los Angeles Angels to begin the week. The Bronx distress is even worse with 2022 All-Star catcher Jose Trevino sidelined for the remainder of the season with a wrist injury. Is there any way to turn things around?

After advancing into the postseason in six consecutive years, it is plausible to think New York can will itself into being a buyer ahead of Aug. 1, regardless of record. History is on the team's side, after all. Should they decide to be active, the Yankees have a clear need behind home plate they can pursue. Finding a low-cost and reliable catcher is not easy, but SNY insider Andy Martino has an unlikely candidate and trade partner in mind.

“If the Yankees decide to remain in on this season, Omar Narvaez of the Mets would now be a nice fit,” Martino suggested on Twitter. A deal among the crosstown rivals is rare, but definitely doable. Fans of both clubs had huge expectations for this season, but now their biggest deadline move could revolve around a backup catcher.

That is not to minimize the veteran's value. Despite hitting .209 in just 19 games with the Mets in 2023 (injuries and Francisco Alvarez have limited his role), Narvaez is just two years removed from being named an All-Star while handling starting duties for the Milwaukee Brewers. He can call a good game and possibly be a stabilizing force for an inconsistent Yankees pitching rotation.

The embattled Yanks (50-47) and majorly disappointing Mets (45-52) are both desperate for a change in mojo. Working together could maybe bring some unforeseen positivity back into the New York baseball landscape.