Since we already asked ChatGPT to make a ranking of the top 25 NBA players of all time, which was compared to the lists made by ESPN and The Athletic, we continued to test how much this AI software really knows basketball.

This time around, we asked the chatbot to create the most average NBA player ever. Will the results be a combination of who they think is the GOAT and the worst player to play in the NBA? Or will he be a combination of all the 9th man of every roster, or to make it easier, a slightly better version of Kendrick Perkins?

Creating the most average NBA player of all time

The first answer generated by ChatGPT was the player's measurements and physical attributes. If you want to know what the average NBA player looks like, he has the height of Harrison Barnes at 6-foot-7, the wingspan of Khris Middleton which comes in at 6-11, and the strength of retired 4-time All-Star Paul Millsap. From his physical attributes alone, ChatGPT gave the ‘most average' player a solid build, which means the prediction of a slightly better Perkins is still in play.

Now let's move on to the answers that every basketball fan really wants to know; the player's basketball skills. Let's start with his shooting and ball handling. ChatGPT gave the most average NBA player the ball-handling of Serbian guard Bogdan Bogdanovic and the shooting touch of Joe Harris. When he passes the ball, expect him to look like Otto Porter Jr. His rebounding and defense are that of Kelly Oubre Jr. and Trevor Ariza respectively. Overall, ChatGPT gave the average NBA player above average skills. He plays all-NBA caliber defense and has the shooting to be a one-time 3-point champion.

Last but not least are his intangibles. To finish the most average NBA player ever, his leadership skills are that of Joe Ingles. He'll have the competitive drive of Jeff Green and the work ethic of Al Horford, and finally, he will have Tobias Harris' clutch gene.

If you had trouble keeping up, here's how the player looks:

    • Harrison Barnes' height
    • Paul Millsap’s strength
    • Khris Middleton’s wingspan
    • Bogdan Bogdanovic’s ball-handling
    • Joe Harris’ shooting
    • Otto Porter Jr.’s passing
    • Kelly Oubre Jr.’s rebounding
    • Trevor Ariza’s defense.
    • Joe Ingles' leadership
    • Jeff Green’s competitive drive
    • Al Horford’s work ethic
    • Tobias Harris' clutch gene

Looks like the most average NBA player ever isn't a slightly better version of Kendrick Perkins.

We Created The Most AVERAGE NBA Player Ever 🤣 | The Answer – YouTube