VC in NBA 2K24 is easily the most important form of currency in the game. While most players need to it upgrade their MyCAREER player, VC may also be used in other modes like MyTEAM as well. For some time now, it has pretty much become the central figure in NBA 2K games, with players able to outright purchase VC with real money. But how do you get VC in NBA 2K24? We'll show you how in this guide.

How To Get VC In NBA 2K24

Before we jump in, logging in by September 30th nets you 10K VC in Season 1,2 and 3. Additionally, players also receive some Game-Skill Boosts, MyTEAM rewards, and some 2XP Coins. Check out the tweet below for more info.

There are multiple ways for NBA 2K24 players to get VC:


For MyCAREER players, the easiest way to earn VC is by just playing MyCAREER games. If you really want to rack up VC, we recommend fully playing your games (including non-key matchups). This allows you to maximize your potential VC output.

Additionally, players can adjust both difficulty and game length. The harder you set the difficulty, the more VC you earn. And the longer you set your matches, the more chances you have to make more shots and assists while improving your teammate grade. Playing extremely well in a game on average earns a player roughly 1000 VC, so keep trying your best. We included a list below that shows all the VC percentages per difficulty.

  • Rookie – 30% VC & 65%  MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Semi-Pro – 60% VC & 75% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Pro – 100% VC & 100% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • All-Star – 120% VC & 120% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Superstar – 140% VC & 140% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Hall of Fame – 160% VC & 160% MyPOINTS Modifier

If NBA 2K24 is your first game in the series, just start off on Rookie, and gradually increase the difficulty as you get more comfortable with the game.

Daily Pick ‘Em

Additionally, MyCAREER players get other opportunities to earn some VC.

One of the best (and most fun) ways to earn VC in NBA 2K24 is by using the Daily Pick ‘Em Machine down by the beach. It's located near where you first met Chris Manning and Shakedown to talk about the RISE and ELITE affiliations. Specifically, it should be located right across the REC Center.' This machine currently doesn't work right now since it's the offseason. However, we're only a month away from the official 2023-2024 NBA season.

For Current-gen players, visit The Castle > MyCourt. When looking at the Directory machine, turn right and run down the street to the popcorn machine. If you still aren't sure where to go, follow this video from YouTuber TBP Moose.


Multiple quests in MyCAREER offer VC among other rewards like Badges. Not every quest gives players VC in 2K24, which you can find out under the quest description. Quests can be unlocked by interacting with various characters in The Arena or City.

Getting Quests is fairly simple. As you progress throughout your MyCAREER story, more things become available to you as a player, including Quests, daily, and weekly challenges/objectives. Overall, while not everything offers VC, some still might offer a badge or other reward (e.g. Mamba Mentality).


When starting your MyCAREER, you'll get a chance to sign an endorsement deal. The endorsement deal you sign comes with an optional objective to earn extra VC for reaching a milestone in your season.

For example, you sign with Adidas, who might want you to be the Rookie of the Year. Completing this objective earns you a decent chunk of VC if you play well enough. Feel free to just set the difficulty low if you need help dominating the court.


Another easy way to earn VC without even entering any mode is by watching the weekly 2KTV show. The show, hosted by Chris Manning and Alexis Morgan, gets new episodes every Friday at 8:00pm EST. Throughout each episode you get about 10-15 questions, which answering correctly earns you VC. Currently, only two 2KTV episodes are available right now, but still a pretty penny if you need it to snag that Deal of The Day.

Locker Codes

Throughout the NBA season, Locker codes get revealed either through games, tweets, and other ways. Generally, the codes give players various MyTEAM rewards, but some include VC. The NBA2K Twitter page already released a few locker codes. However, the codes were extremely limited and very few got them.

To redeem a locker code, go to MyTEAM > Community Hub > Enter Locker Code. Overall, the process is pretty simple.

Daily Rewards

2K24 rewards players who login daily, so log on in for a chance to receive some VC for free.


For MyNBA players, there is a way to earn VC, though it might be the most boring. Simply simulating games via Simcast Live grants players some VC for just letting the game happen. Overall, you might get some decent VC if you stick with it. Additionally, set your simulation speed to 6x for a faster game.

We recommend this strategy if you have something else to do. While you're slowly earning VC, you can do something else like setting up your fantasy lineup.

Purchasing VC

Lastly, players have the choice to purchase VC with real money. However, we don't recommend this because of how it expensive it is. Furthermore, the VC you spend only covers one MyPLAYER and for one NBA 2K title. What do we mean by this?

Firstly, if you have multiple MyPLAYERS, the VC you buy can only be spent on one. Secondly, when NBA 2K25 comes out, all the VC you bought over the year wasn't worth it. 2K25 likely won't allow you to transfer unspent VC (or even a portion of it).

VC prices in 2K24:

  • 5,000 VC – $1.99
  • 15,000 VC – $4.99
  • 35,000 VC – $9.99
  • 75,000 VC – $19.99
  • 200,000 VC – $49.99
  • 450,000 VC – $99.99
  • 700,000 VC – $149.99

And that's how you can earn VC in NBA 2K24. We hope this guide helps new players find more ways to improve their MyPLAYER and surpass Jordan-status in MyCAREER.

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