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Michael Porter Jr.’s back turns out better than expected

NBA Draft prospect Michael Porter Jr. revealed his medical/physical evaluation today at his workout and the results turned out better than expected.

As reported by Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, Porter Jr. was in Chicago where NBA teams and their respective scouts were on the lookout for the 19-year-old’s medical test. This could be enough to prod Porter Jr.’s stock come draft night.

A top prospect ever since high school, Porter Jr.’s stock declined after he suffered a back injury in college. This forced him to sit out the rest of the season to undergo surgery. Though he said that he’s doing alright, NBA teams still feel restless.

A quick look at history will reveal that not a few top picks were injured even before playing their first NBA game. As such, the teams’ cautious behavior towards Porter Jr. is understandable.

Porter Jr. said that he’s been doing extra work and has been regularly working with his therapist. He that there’s no possibility to reinjure his back, per NBA.com:

“I just have to keep up with my (leg) extensions, my core exercises and stretching. I have a great physical therapist and team working with me through the draft, and they’re making me feel better every day. The recent MRI was to see how it had fully healed. There’s no risk to reinjure it.”

But now that NBA scouts have seen it right before their eyes that he’s healthy and good to go, Porter Jr. could find himself among the Top 3 picks in the draft.