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Scout says Zion Williamson is like ‘Draymond Green with rockets in his a**’

Draymond Green, Zion Williamson, NBA Draft

An NBA Draft scout offered a surprising comparison for top-overall prospect Zion Williamson, linking him to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green due to his never-ending motor.

“His closest analog in the NBA is probably Draymond Green, just way more athletic,” the scout told Sports Illustrated. “Draymond Green with rockets in his a**. Play the four, play a little small-ball five, drive the lane, pass the ball, switch and guard all five positions. Draymond’s pretty skilled, but [Zion] is a lot more athletic, and he’s stronger. He can finish around the rim better than Draymond, because he’s three feet higher [in the air] than Draymond.”

The comparison is puzzling at first, but it does make sense. The Duke freshman’s physicality has largely aided his field goal percentage in his lone college season, which came to an end after losing a heartbreaker in the Elite 8 against Green’s alma mater Michigan State.

Williamson hasn’t shown a deft ability to shoot the ball at the collegiate level, which will raise questions for him as a pro, but not enough to derail him from a top-overall selection due to his unmatched physical gifts.

The 19-year-old possesses hops like no other player in the college game, plus a knack for rebounding and intangibles, as well as initiating fast breaks on his own. Though that’s where the parallels end, given that Zion has yet to develop his passing, posting only 2.1 assists per game as a freshman.

Green is a Swiss army knife and the primary playmaker for the Warriors, a skill that Williamson might never develop to that degree due to his innate scoring talents.