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Andrew Bogut hints at blockbuster deals already done ‘verbally’

Andrew Bogut

The always-blunt big man Andrew Bogut let a bomb loose on Twitter, telling his followers that this much-awaited NBA offseason will consist of deals already lined up verbally.

“Have the popcorn ready for this offseason’s NBA FA dramas!,” tweeted Bogut. “Don’t be fooled, most big deals are already done “verbally”. More superteams are cometh.”

His words hold some truth, as most big-time free agents already have a list of their preferred destinations and have spoken to potential could-be teammates about joining, but the money side of things usually waits until July 1 to avoid any tampering violations from a franchise.

While role players likely have to wait further down the line, the reason most big signings take place close to the deadline is that teams will prioritize their big-money signings and let everything else trickle down from the deal.

In Oklahoma City’s case, it was that big pull-the-rug Paul George trade that allowed for a last-minute trade of Carmelo Anthony, who was now attracted to this potential destination due to the two stars in place (George and Russell Westbrook).

Previously, Anthony had wanted to come to the Houston Rockets to play alongside the new All-Star backcourt of Chris Paul and James Harden.

In the case of Anthony, talks took place all summer, but his giant contract made the trade rather difficult, as well as the New York Knicks’ conditions to deal him.

Only time will tell how easy or complex these deals will be by the start of free agency.