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Charles Barkley speaks out on what it’s like playing the ‘Bad Boys’ Pistons

NBA, Pistons, Charles Barkley

Thanks to ESPN’s docu-series “The Last Dance,” the entire sports world — and more specifically fans of the NBA — is buzzing once again.

Even though there are no live sports to follow along with in North America, it feels as though basketball fans are traveling through time en route to watching Chicago Bulls legendary shooting guard Michael Jordan lead the heralded Eastern Conference franchise to title after title.

With Jordan and his Bulls teammates leading the way as the stars of the 10-part docu-series that is now nearly halfway through, there are countless supporting cast members and other NBA legends that have made ESPN’s storytelling that much better. With the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons making quite the notable and memorable appearance in this past week’s installment of the program, heated debate after heated debate created some interesting conversations among experts and fans alike.

With the “Bad Boys” Pistons going back and forth with Jordan and company on several different occasions — quite literally at that — another basketball legend in Charles Barkley recently chimed regarding what it was like to play against Detroit in those days.

“You gotta call your family and tell them you love them just in case you never saw them again,” Barkley said on what it was like playing the Pistons in the Bad Boys era, via ESPN.

Despite the fact that Jordan and his Bulls led the way in the 1990s, it was first the Pistons that won a pair of NBA titles in the late 1980s.

With Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas and several other well-known figures leading Detroit back then, it was clear that the Pistons were a legitimate threat to the Bulls and the entire NBA for that matter.

Even if fans are watching for the Jordan highlights or Bulls fandom, just about anyone can appreciate what the “Bad Boys” Pistons did for NBA lore.