Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Tony Parker received their Hall of Fame orange jackets and rings on Friday ahead of Saturday's enshrinement, and as the four posed for photos showing their attires and new bling, NBA fans couldn't help but be in awe.

A video of the four from the Hall of Fame ceremony is now going viral as fans hail the greatness that they showcase. Wade, Nowitzki, Gasol and Parker were all smiles as they cherish the recognition that they just got.

The four NBA greats received various positive comments from the fans, with many praising their legendary status and how awesome it is to see them together. Many also shared how great of a Hall of Fame class the 2023 batch is, especially when you consider the number of championships and accolades they have together combined.

“Great class. Loved watching all four of these guys hoop,” one commenter wrote.

Another one said, “One of the best Pro Basketball Hall of Fame classes of all time! Congrats to some legends!”

Others couldn't help but look back at the respective careers Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Tony Parker had and all the battles they played against each other.

“I feel old seeing this all the players I watched growing up retired and in the Hall of Fame now,” a third supporter shared.

Another NBA fanatic shared, “I watched them all. Now I am going to cry.”

It's definitely a beautiful moment to see the four NBA greats enjoy their incredible Hall of Fame recognition. Sure enough, fans won't forget it any time soon.