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Jack Sikma calls for a Seattle NBA team in Hall of Fame speech


Newly minted Hall Of Famer Jack Sikma is an important figure for Seattle’s basketball fans. The former Seattle Supersonic was a seven-time All-Star with the team and was instrumental in helping the franchise win its only championship.

He thanked everyone who helped him on his journey to the distinguished gathering of basketball legends. However, he had a specific appeal to the NB. He talked about the city he loved and how they could use a team themselves.

ESPN’s Anthony Olivieri took note of Sikma’s emphatic appeal:

“To all the diehard Sonic fans who proudly sport the green and gold … there’s a hole in Seattle that needs to be filled,” Sikma said at Springfield’s Symphony Hall, less than a mile from the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame, into which Sikma became the 10th member of the Sonics to be enshrined.

“Speaking for all Sonics fans, it’s our great hope that the NBA will soon find a pathway to bring a franchise back to Seattle. It’s time.”

Seattle has always been extremely passionate for the sport and the NBA. The Sonics were once one of the biggest teams in the West supplying us with some of the most memorable games and players. Gary Payton, Ray Allen, and Kevin Durant are some of the players who donned the green, gold, and white.

However, the team was uprooted and taken to Oklahoma City. They rebranded and became the Thunder, stealing a franchise from a team that badly deserved one.

However, there is news that a new NBA team will return to the city by 2025. A team could either relocate there and rebuild the Sonics. An entirely new franchise could also be formed via the league’s expansion.

However, nobody is holding their breath until the league actually gives the green light. Until then, Sikma’s words will remain words.