NBA news: LaVar Ball on beating Michael Jordan, Zion Williamson 1-on-1
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LaVar Ball boldly claims he could beat Michael Jordan, Zion Williamson 1-on-1


After what seems like an eternity in the dark — at least for his standards — LaVar Ball is at it again with his big mouth. This time around, he has made the extremely bold claim that he could easily defeat both Michael Jordan and Zion Williamson on a game of one-on-one.

Ball made this astounding statement in a recent appearance on Complex Sports’ Load Management show:

Well, there you have it. There’s nothing much we can say about this statement, except of course, to try and analyze — probably in vain — what Ball is trying to say here.

For starters, Ball claimed that he would overpower Jordan, who is “too little” for him. In his prime, Jordan weighed 195 lbs at 6-foot-6, and you could see in several moments in “The Last Dance” how ripped he was. Ball also stands at 6-foot-6, and god knows how much he weighed in his heyday (according to him he was 270 lbs and “cat quick”). Judging by his physique today, Ball may have been a muscle man type in his prime (I know, we heard it too). By how he said it though, we’re picturing Shaquille O’Neal dominating much smaller defenders, and that’s probably the image in LaVar’s mind as well.

Shout out to the team of Complex Sports for hilariously editing in MJ’s epic laughing scene for Sunday’s episode of the ESPN docu-series. That was the funniest bit of these clips.

Since he argued that he was physically superior to Jordan, the hosts then brought in Zion Williamson to the conversation, who simply put, is a freak of nature. Ball did not back down one bit, saying that even Zion would not have been able to match his strength. Oh boy.

After that mind-numbing exercise, all we can say now is that LaVar is absolutely on-brand yet again.